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Body Sugaring

Body Sugaring Natural Hair Removal

Body Sugaring - 100% Naturally Organic Ingredients


For Men, Women, and Children

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The "Sugar Body" mission involves being 
Strong Believers and Supporters in 100% Natural, Organic, Safe products. 

"Sugaring" is an ancient form of hair removal. It's "all-natural" because what's used to remove your hair consists of just sugar, lemon, and water. Most people say that "sugaring" is a whole lot less painful than waxing. We agree. ;) 

 For over 30 years, Therese D'Auria, the owner of "Sugar Body" has been recognized as an expert professional for all ages, genders, and nationalities in the hair removal business and is one of the only business that specializes in "Body Sugaring." She was the first to start performing this ancient Egyptian technique in the USA in 1991. Since that time, both men and women from all over Western New York have come to trust Therese to remove their hair. Over 40% of her clients are male!

Now, we're inviting you to come relax, enjoy, and feel the difference yourself while giving both your skin, and your wallet a break at Sugar Body at 1325 Millersport Hwy Suite 211 Williamsville, NY 14221. Call: 716.626.4980 with any questions. 

"Sugar Body" offers 100% Organic Service called, 

Body Sugaring Hair Removal, Buffalo, NY