SUGAR BODY  All Eco-Friendly 100% Organic Services
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All Eco-Friendly 100% Organic Services
Body Sugaring Hair Removal, 1st in USA
also Spray Tanning

Body Sugaring

Body Sugaring Natural Hair Removal & Spray Tanning
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Body Sugaring

Natural form of hair removal.

Spray Tanning 

Eco-Friendly and 100% Organic.

"Sugar Body" offers 100% Organic Services, all services are also Eco-Friendly which include Body Sugaring Hair Removal, Buffalo, NY, and 100% Organic Spray Tanning, Buffalo, NY 

Therese D'Auria, owner of "Sugar Body," has been recognized in the Buffalo, NY area for many reasons. Being the first to start this ancient Egyptian technique in the United States in 1992, she is considered an expert professional for all ages, gender, nationalities, and is the only business that specializes in "Body Sugaring." 

In 2004, Glen Schieder, a licensed and certified practitioner, joined "Sugar Body" with his perfection for the profession and his decorative flare.
Spencer Ennis, a licensed and certified practitioner, joined "Sugar Body" in 2014. In addition to sugaring, Spencer is also a certified spray tan specialist. 

The "Sugar Body" mission involves 100% Natural, Organic, and Safe products. From Australia, "Sugar Body" offers Eco-Friendly 100% Organic Spray Tanning. Achieving the Perfect Natural Salon Tan.